Mary Dunphy Realistic Acrylic Scholarship Fund

Help economically disadvantaged artists join Realistic Acrylic All-Access Membership and develop their skills as portrait painters!

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There are hundreds of artists all over the world with the talent to paint a realistic acrylic portrait—just like you.

However, because of limited financial ability, some of them are not able to join the All-Access Membership. With the in-depth lessons, critiques, and amazing support within this artists' community, they could thrive. They could paint a beautiful portrait that they could be proud to show others, earn a living as an artists, and beautify the world around them with their gifts.

Would you like to help them?

How this Scholarship Started

Late November of 2020, at the end of the Fall Acrylic Portrait Challenge, I did a "giveaway" where if you posted your Portrait Challenge portrait, I'd "put all the names in the hat" and draw out a winner!

The winner would receive a One-Year Membership to Realistic Acrylic All-Access (a $397 value)

Well, we did the giveaway on a live Facebook meeting, and I prayed before drawing a name.


Because I know that even though it seems to be "chance," God is in the details. :) I wanted the membership to go the person that He wanted it to go to!

I pulled out this name: Mary Dunphy.

Generosity begets Generosity...

Listen to Mary's story in our Live Weekly All-Access Critique Meeting!

Mary is a fantastic All-Access Member.

She's been with me for about two years now. She participates regularly in the Facebook group and our Live Weekly Critiques on Zoom. She has given many helpful tips to beginning artists. And she offered the image of her husband, Larry, to be used in our first portrait challenge during this past spring!

After winning the Membership, Mary messaged me privately on Facebook, saying,

"Thanks so much matt. I am honored. You have so much to teach about art and are so willing to share your knowledge. However, there are some artists in the group who are struggling with their art and can't afford to join or who would love to be in the school. Would it be possible to break it up into 4- 3month memberships or 2- 6month memberships for people who's need is greater than mine. I'm not rich, lol, but am not hurting either and if someone would benefit artistically from this I'm happy to pass it on."

I was so moved by her generosity! Yes, Mary was the right one to have been picked, because she is passing this gift along to others. God bless her!

So, I have decided to pass along this membership to those who need it the most, creating four 3 month memberships that artists can apply for. They do have to commit to following the program and putting in the work. But they will be able to join without worrying about having to pay the monthly tuition!

Finally, one of our wonderful All-Access Members heard about what Mary did and encouraged me to set up a scholarship fund so others could participate in this act of generosity and keep this ongoing. So I did!

This scholarship will be awarded based upon student's need, commitment to learning and conditioned upon me praying to the select the right people. Currently, I will be awarding this scholarship (3-month Realistic Acrylic All-Access Membership to 8 students per year)

The first set of 4 has been provided for by Mary gesture of generosity. But we would like to keep this going!

If you would like to contribute, scroll down and select an amount you feel good about giving.

Thank you so much for making it possible for others to enroll in the classes and may God bless you richly!

(Your contributions are appreciated but are NOT tax-deductible.)

Your Instructor

Matt Philleo
Matt Philleo

Since 1993, Matt has been painting portraits in acrylic, both on commission and for exhibition at art shows. In the last few years, he has been teaching students locally and worldwide how to use their God-given gifts and create beautiful paintings they can be proud to show. Currently, he lives in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin with his wife and three children. When he's not painting or teaching, he enjoys spending time with God, his family, and enjoying nature.

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Is my contribution tax deductible?
Realistic Acrylic Portrait School is not a 501c3 Charity Organization, and so your contribution, although appreciated, is not tax deductible.

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