Paint Realistic Wrinkles in Acrylic (Beta)

Learn how to paint wrinkles convincingly in acrylic, step-by-step, so you can make your portrait look amazingly real

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Everyone has at least a few wrinkles.

And so as portrait artists, we need to learn how to paint them--whether we're painting someone old or young. Painting wrinkles well can really help to capture a person's likeness in a portrait. They can add so much to the personality.

But it's not easy. There's so much to it: the shape, the coloring of the shadows, the highlights, and the blending. How do you do it, without it looking fake?

Do You Struggle To...

  • paint wrinkles that look like they are actually wrinkles?
  • paint the creases from nose to mouth convincingly, to make it look the person is really smiling?
  • show the expression and personality of the person by painting the wrinkles in the forehead correctly?
  • paint the different nuances in light and shade, the shadows on the wrinkles and how to make them look natural?
  • choose, mix and blend the colors to create realistic shadows and skin tone?
  • accentuate the wrinkles without making them too prominent?
  • create smooth gradients on your wrinkles, with correct shadows and highlights blending together, cohesively?
  • see the correct shape of the wrinkles from your reference photo and accurately represent that on your canvas?
  • capture the likeness of the person you're painting by painting wrinkles realistically?

If you're an an acrylic portrait painter who struggles with painting wrinkles, then I'd love to help you get better at it.

Introducing My New Course...

"Paint Realistic Wrinkles in Acrylic"

Why did I decide to do a course on painting wrinkles?

I've been painting portraits in acrylic for nearly 25 years and teaching classes for the last two. During that time, I've taught over 100 students how to paint an acrylic portrait, step-by-step. That course covers a lot of material and it's been wonderful to see students take it and get noticeably better at their portrait painting.

But one of my students emailed me one day, and said she was really struggling with painting wrinkles. So I thought, "Why not teach an online class on it?" After getting feedback from my other students, I realized there are other artists who struggle with this as well.

And so, now I'm excited to teach you, too, how to paint wrinkles realistically!

What will we cover in the course?

  • Why painting wrinkles well is important and how it can make your paintings better
  • The 5 different kinds of wrinkles in the face and how to see them accurately, so you can paint them accurately
  • How to sketch wrinkles accurately, and do the "heavy lifting" here so the painting part is way easier.
  • Choosing the right colors, mixing and blending so they don't get muddy.
  • Achieving accurate values for both the colors and highlights so the wrinkles actually have depth to them
  • Finishing up with a gentle touch, painting smooth gradients, resulting in a portrait that just begs to be looked at
  • And more!

You will have lifetime access to these videos on this site (as long as technology holds out) and can watch them at your own pace 24/7. Get instant access to all the lessons now.

Personal Critiques to Help You When You Feel Stuck

If you need extra help, I'd be happy to record a personal video just for you and critique your work. I'll point out any areas that could be corrected or refined. I'll show you exactly with my Crystal Clear Critique method of drawing on top of your reference photo and your portrait in progress, while explaining how to improve an area you're struggling with. You'll know exactly what to do to get your sketch or painting back on track.

Getting a Critique is Easy & Effective:

Step 1: In the critique, you email me ([email protected]) a photo of your work in progress, and the reference photo(s) you're working with, along with your comments on what you'd like addressed or any frustrations you have.

Step 2: I'll set your portrait up on my video screen and set up the recording.

Step 3: Then I compare and contrast your painting with the reference photo, literally showing you gently (but clearly) what's working and what could use improvement. This is all on a private, personalized video, not in a group setting. So you never have to feel awkward as if anyone else is judging your work!

Step 4: I send the recorded video back to you (usually within 24 hours or less), where you can access it online via a personalized link, just for you. The critique will typically be about 15 minutes long.

Step 5: You take whatever suggestions you like from my critique, and incorporate them into the painting. Your painting looks great. You feel great about it. You finish the sign the painting and hang it up, send it to the client, or give it to that loved one!

There's no need to be frustrated or confused! Just ask for a critique. (Critiques are available for the Academy and Master level only.)

Will it Work?

You might be thinking, "Matt, I know you can teach this stuff, but will this course work for me?" I want to ensure you that it will: if you watch the lessons, put them into practice, and ask me any questions if you aren't sure about something.

I can't promise you'll paint a portrait like Rembrandt. That's just not a realistic goal starting out. But I can guarantee that your portraits, and more specifically, your ability to paint wrinkles WILL improve as a result of taking this course.

Here's just a small sampling of comments I receive from my students. It makes my day!

"Wow! This class is one of the most amazing classes I have ever attended. I really felt like I was present in the classroom. You have taught each and every important part of gridding so well. And your lively talks kept us all smiling all the time. Thanks a lot for the excellent advices."

--Aastha Thakur

"Just a quick thank you for your help. I had written down the colors that you used for your glazing technique on portraits and I can't believe how much easier it is for me now. I have been dreading this portrait that I volunteered for since last year... I was using too opaque of colors and it caused me to be nervous to lay down any paint in fear that I would make a mistake. The glazing technique is more forgiving and it was like it flowed off my paintbrush. I've had blending gel but never really used it so now I'm going to buy stock in it. LOL. I can say that this portrait I've done is my best and I have an emotional bond with it because of the circumstances."

--Keri Sparenga

"I enjoy your videos & courses very much indeed. My paintings have improved like I never thought possible, thanks to your teaching .i am doing another commissioned painting now, I will send a pic when it's completed. Thanks again for all your help...... ps I clicked YES!! Have a good weekend ttyl."

--Keith Foss

Hi Matt,
Thank you so much for the prompt critique! I always appreciate your insights and those little changes do make a big difference. ...I questioned my sanity when I started the chequered shirt so I'm glad it paid off... maybe that's good encouragement for the other patterned shirt!.... today I have 1600+ and have had 7.6 thousand comments!!! The response is overwhelming and I feel so blessed. Many people have contacted me to commission me to do larger pieces for them! So your realism skills have been extremely handy so far, my ability to pick shapes accurately and distinguish the areas for sharing make these fun little paintings just charming!

--Kelly Dywer

I feel so blessed that I can paint and teach portrait painting for a living, and to hear back from my students is extra special to me. These are the kinds of results that most of my students are experiencing, not just a select few. Now, just in case you're still wanting a little extra assurance, I get you. I want to take away all your risk by promising you a bold satisfaction guarantee...

My Win-Win 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the course for 30 days. Get some quick wins by trying out a few of the techniques. And if for some reason, you don't see either the value of what I'm teaching or don't feel like you're getting the results you wanted, just email me and let me know. I will gladly refund your entire enrollment fee back, no questions asked.


I only ask one thing: that you watch the lessons. Why? Because I know if you do, and utilize the techniques I teach you, they will work. If you are patient with yourself and consistently practice what you learn, you will see improvement.

Here's how it will be a win for both of us: If you go through the course, and put the techniques to use, you'll be able to paint a realistic portrait you can be proud of. And it will be a win for me, because I'll be happy to see the amazing paintings you create. I'll let other potential students know they can do it too--which will most likely increase enrollments in the class.

I will do everything I can to help you learn how to paint realistic wrinkles in acrylic. That's my promise to you.

Imagine what it would feel like to finally paint a portrait that looks real...

...and looks like the person.

A portrait you can be proud to hang on your wall or give as a high quality, unique gift.

Enroll today!

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Let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to teaching you within the course!

All the best,

Matt Philleo, artist
Portraits to Comfort, Encourage, and Inspire

Fine Art by Matt Philleo LLC | 20109 30th Ave., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 | Studio: 715-864-9323

P.S. Because of different time zones and schedules of potential students all over the world, we will not be doing live classes. But you will get immediate access to the lessons, after I upload them weekly on Wednesdays, starting June 6.

Enroll today. See you inside the course!

Your Instructor

Matt Philleo
Matt Philleo

Since 1993, Matt has been painting portraits in acrylic, both on commission and for exhibition at art shows. In the last few years, he has been teaching students locally and worldwide how to use their God-given gifts and create beautiful paintings they can be proud to show. Currently, he lives in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin with his wife and three children. When he's not painting or teaching, he enjoys spending time with God, his family, and enjoying nature.

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