Paint Your First Amazing Acrylic Portrait (Beta)

​Step-by-Step Instruction to Take You from a Blank Canvas to Your Own Acrylic Portrait Masterpiece

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Have you ever wanted to paint a portrait in acrylic that looks real?

Is it a struggle to paint flesh tones without the colors getting muddy?

Have you ever wondered how to paint a background that doesn't look out of place or messy, but works well with the person you're painting?

Do you find it hard to capture a person's likeness?

Is using a glaze or layering technique mysterious and would you like to learn how to do it right?

These are the kinds of questions students ask me, and that's exactly what I want to cover in this course. Acrylics are very easy to begin to use, but can be difficult to master without learning the right techniques.

My goal is to help you create your own beautiful portrait in acrylic, step by step.

I want you to have a painting you can be proud of, that you can show your family, or maybe begin to paint commissioned art for others that will thrill them! Imagine what it would feel like to give your loved one a portrait painting you did as a gift...and be confident that because you painted it so well, they will cherish that gift for a lifetime!

In the "Paint Your First Amazing Acrylic Portrait" course, you will learn how to:

  • Pick the right paints, brushes and mediums for the job
  • Properly grid your reference photo and canvas to get the proportions right in your sketch
  • Lay down the correct base colors, combining them to get the right mix, and then build up realistic skin tones, both in the shadows and highlights without getting it muddy.
  • Use the Old Master's glazing technique to create smooth, even blends of color and value
  • Capture a recognizable likeness and paint with just enough detail to make the portrait realistic and lifelike.
  • Correctly varnish your portrait to enhance the appearance and protect it.
  • And there is more!

Something that makes this course different than just about every other online painting course I've seen is that that you will get up to 2 personal critiques via email (at your request) for the first month after you enroll. (DOES NOT APPLY TO SELF-STUDY VERSION) This way, if you're stuck in a certain area in your painting, you're not just sitting there wondering what to do next. I'll show you the next step to take. Now...

Here's some feedback on Facebook from a local painting student that benefited from personal critique...

"Took a photo realism acrylics class, this is my first attempt at painting. Thank you Matt Philleo at Artisan Forge Studios for teaching me how to do this! — with Matt Philleo."

Jerry Holzem Love the eyes!!
Deborah Nutter Those are intense eyes
Bobbi Brandt Those eyes are famous
Like · Reply · 1 · 23 hrs
Deborah Nutter I wish I could take a class from you Matt Philleo
Holly Stro He has more classes coming up!
Anastasia Vishnevsky Wonderful, Holly.
Holly Stro Thank you! I had a great teacher. Had no idea how to paint when I started lol.
Jalessa Marie Normand

Matt Philleo Thanks for sharing this, Holly. This is a great painting for anyone to have created, but this is your FIRST acrylic painting, so wow, kudos to you! I hope you continue to create more...

Like · Reply · 3 · 22 hrs
Christina Bresina Holly tha is beautiful work. You are so talented!
Unlike · Reply · 2 · 20 hrs
Carolyn Violet beautiful job Holly
Unlike · Reply · 2 · 15 hrs
Stacey Brown Amazing
Unlike · Reply · 2 · 12 hrs
Tiff Rox You are crazy talented! Great job!
Unlike · Reply · 2 · 10 hrs

Holly sure enjoyed learning how to paint her first acrylic portrait. I bet she also enjoyed all the wonderful feedback on her painting from her friends. :) And I'm sure this will be just the start of her painting adventures!

I know that you will enjoy increasing your skills and creating an incredible portrait in acrylic too.

Here's some feedback I've received from my students, just a few from dozens of emails...

I watched your recent videos with the highlights and it really helped not to use a paint-by-numbers approach where every color is put in place one piece here and one piece there. I colored the whole face with a skin tone and started to add the light with very thin layers and I liked how it turned out. So that (video) really helped.

Karen Hill

Hi Matt
Thanks for the gift ,appreciate it very much. Hope u and your family have a very merry Christmas 🎄 & a Happy New Year🎉🎈.... Thanks for all your help & concern with my painting 🎨. You opened up an all new approach to painting that I had no idea was even possible. Hats off to you...... Thanks again. Keith. Ps. Will send a pic off my portrait for another critique after Christmas when your not so busy.. Cheers!!

Matt, Again, many thanks. I think what you’ve sent me is a good reminder I have to study the various subjects and Light before I dive right in! I almost always dive right in and just kind of paint quickly without a lot of steps in mind. I really appreciate you helping me see there should be more of a plan before diving in! Thanks Matt, I hope you have a good Thursday. Pam

Hi Matt
Very nicely done, amazing work. I have made the adjustments you suggested to my portrait , & I must say it improved it immensely as I knew it would. I will be sending it to you soon for another critique. Thanks again. Keith.

Thanks so much for your detailed critique of my portrait sketch. I appreciate your wonderful insights which are very helpful. I will be incorporating them into my sketch. Of course I will give my approval in sharing your critique with the other students and I hope they will be as informative as they were for me. Thanks also for your advise re the hair I appreciate it and am sure I will need more before I am through. By the way the portrait is of my youngest sister Nina and her son Isiac. She is an accomplished artist and talked me into attempting painting as a hobby. I'm a retired engineer in my eighties.
Have a wonderful Christmas season,

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Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to the opportunity of teaching you!


P.S. If you feel that after taking the course, your portrait painting abilities haven't significantly improved, just email me within 30 days, and I'll see to it that you get a prompt refund. So, there's no risk to you. Enroll today and take your paintings to a new level!

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Your Instructor

Matt Philleo
Matt Philleo

Since 1993, Matt has been painting portraits in acrylic, both on commission and for exhibition at art shows. In the last few years, he has been teaching students locally and worldwide how to use their God-given gifts and create beautiful paintings they can be proud to show. Currently, he lives in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin with his wife and three children. When he's not painting or teaching, he enjoys spending time with God, his family, and enjoying nature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course was originally recorded in April-May 2017, with updates after that time. The course is up 24/7 and you watch the video lessons at your own pace.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I need specific help on a portrait?
No problem, just email me asking for a critique. along with your reference photo and in progress image of your painting, and I'll do a custom video critique to get you back on track! You get four critiques included, at your request, within 30 days after purchasing the course. During and after that, you may still email me with any questions, and I'll get back to you with help.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I believe in 100% customer satisfaction. My students' success and positive experience in taking this course is very important to me. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to learn something that I haven't included in the course, please contact me, and I will make revisions to include it.
Any more questions?
Email me: [email protected] or call/text to: 715-864-9323. I'll be happy to help!

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